Morgan-v1.0-download page

Morgan2McClintock Translator Download

To run this translator on your own machine, it needs to have a functioning web server and the capacity to serve PHP files. If you're running Mac OS X, you're in luck; your machine already has all of these. If you're running Linux, you're also almost assuredly in luck as well.

If you want to run this software on Mac OS X, you need to do these two things first. They're both quite easy.
How to start up and run a web server on Mac OS X
How to start PHP on Mac OS X

If you're running Linux or Windows, contact your local system administrator for assistance. Running these scripts on Linux will be easy; on Windows, it will be much harder.

In order to run this software on your own machine, you'll need a set of files. There are two ways to get them.

1. You can download a tar archive of the files (cmrn.tar), put the .tar file in a directory by itself, switch to that directory, and execute the command "tar -xvf cmrn.tar".

2. You can download the files individually. I'd recommend saving them all into a single directory by themselves. I also recommend strongly copying and pasting the text files, as you'll run into much less trouble that way.
index.php (the page that shows the basic input form; call the file index.php)
data.php (the page that does all calculations; call it data.php)
style.css (this helps the other two pages to look nice and pretty)
sidebar.jpg and topbar.jpg (a pair of images to make it look nice and pretty)
cM/cMC data files:
cmrn1 cmrn2 cmrn3 cmrn4 cmrn5
cmrn6 cmrn7 cmrn8 cmrn9 cmrn10
These files contain the actual cM/cMC maps in a format that can be read by the program.
(optional) Genetic map:
gen1 gen2 gen3 gen4 gen5
gen6 gen7 gen8 gen9 gen10
These files contain the maize Genetic map in a format that can be read by the program. Without these, the "Genetic" option will not work.
(optional) UMC 98 map:
umc981 umc982 umc983 umc984 umc985
umc986 umc987 umc988 umc989 umc9810
These files contain the maize UMC 98 map in a format that can be read by the program. Without these, the "UMC 98" option will not work.

Simply put all of these files in the same directory where the web server can access them and the program should work just fine.