GO Annotations, Methods, and Review

Making a genome sequence accessible and useful involves three basic steps: genome assembly, structural annotation, and functional annotation. The quality of data generated at each step influences the accuracy of inferences that can be made, with high- quality analyses produce better datasets resulting in stronger hypotheses for downstream experimentation.

Maize GAMER is a collaborative project to improve the status of gene functional annotation in maize. The project has three main areas of focus, namely

  1. Design a pipeline for the functional annotation of maize genes.
  2. Use manually curated test data to evaluate the annotations and generate a best subset of annotaions for use
  3. Design a user friendly review system for the community to provide feedback and endorsements of the annotations

Please see the About page for description of the areas mentioned above, and please see the People page to see all the people working in this project.

We are always looking for alpha/beta testers for the tool. Please feel free to contact either Gokul or Carolyn to sign up.